Sunday, October 31, 2010

Party Day : ♥

Hello , i'm update-ing my blog now ! muahha
I went sqwanq and time square with yunice my new GF
Because of the PERSON so i accompany her go ..

Than Than Than ..
almost 3 pm i just reach there , all babe are waiting me at sqwanq
feel so pai seh to them , because my baby 牛一 ma ;DD

Akiiyo Bi

Her dear gift her a big pig and flower , sweet nah ;DD
and sorry i dint buy present to u la PINK lady , nqek nqek
but i will buy to u when i got $ , now i don't have $ )): forgie me TT

Than we take group picture , they wait me bout half n hour
is because of this picture D:
Wanna to say : sorry sorry sorry )):

Take 1

Take 2

Than see picture la , My all leng babe and cute babe ______

Mis Koey and Mis Kay

Mis Kay and My Dear sui lui

Last , me help my gf yunnice do somthinq is for her special person

but the answer we have on that days , is unhappy answer
i wanna tell the special person , please give my gf 1 more chance
becuse she really love you , care you , miss you .. more and more
she really try her best to chase back you and wanna with u ever

she wont play this relationship aqain
please give her a chance !

I will support my gf ever ..

My short post end at here

spm 22 days to go

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthdays :

Now i'm quit free , so came update my blog !
I think today really is my last days for ONLINE , because SPM is around the corner
I really dint serious study at all ! OHMYGOSH ~~ waiting to die D:
Ahlah , don't say this topik first =D

Talk about my babyy 牛一 la ;D

Akiiyo Bi

Hey yo ;D
Happy Birthadys la weih
'Dai Gor Lui' la .. Don't naughty naughty liao la haha ;D
arm ..

I still remember i know you in facebook eh , always chat fun at there
baby unhappy will find me sms
baby argue with maomao will find me sms ;DD
Yesterdays me and u kept tag n spam our status , for BIKINI topik - Pink Pink ;D

funny sei me and wanna say sorry la ! Because last time always FFK u , meet liao than i dint go
BUT ! todays i wont la , happy mou jek ?^^

Douya Bi

Happy Birthdays to you
Gam nqam you same date birthdays with Akiiyo ah , good ! ;D
So i can see Bi liao . muahaha
err ..
I also remember i know Bi at Facebook d , than we start to chat
baby sad time always find me sms to , happy ^^
than somtime ur EX make you sad , u will sms told me
i sibeh mm song HE lo , treat my Bi like that !
But nvm la , already pass riqht ? Bi don always sad because of him le
you can find a good boy . gambatehh
Last . I donno wanna say what d actually
so i just wish you two HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Hope You two lenq lui always , study get a good result , happy always ...


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rehearsal Graduate 2010 ♥ :

This few days at school nothing do at all !!
So we take those free period go pratice our Rehearsal Graduate Time
What we gonno to show on that days ? Guess ;DD
That Is - Group Singing 5p5 + 5p6

We are present-ing 2 song on 2010/11/2 .

We'll All In This Together

When we pratice-ing , it really fun ;DD

I scare i will cry on that days D:
Because my secondary school life just END like that
But i hope have a nice preform and wonderfull Graduate 2010

22/11/2010 Spm Date .

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cousin Brother Arron Bdayss :

I'm back now , Anyone miss me ? ;D
This is my look , before going to my cousin Bdays party
I took this picture at PJ-A&W ...

Than my aunt n KahPei Jie reach here to , than she belanja me eat ice-cream waffles
mini size wan , quit nice actually

Than the party are started , i eat 2 chicken feet , french fired , root-beer ...

After finished ate food , the place held a game to children ;D
I feel so funny when i looked at those children , because is really to children
I mean that , when i childhood also crazy like them when go to party
Now i'm aldult ! So feel so funny

Did't You guys saw the BEAR that i mean ! errr .. so CUTE actually ;D

Donno whyy those children so like him , last time i was cry when saw the bear

Me and sister have been invited to play a games , that is blow balloon

arrr . i get second , my sis get num third ! That the present to us (x
Guess is what ? Is a Children Wallet A&W cartoon ==
I give my person to someone eles ..

The cake is ready , Is time to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAYS SONG

All children sound so happy ^^

After that , we have ate the cake than the party in END
Last Wanna Wish my cousin brother :
Happy Birthdays __

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is the picture when i going back home , my brother is driving
i saw the light tree beside the road , quit nice .. feel like take picture and show u guys
but my brother driving super fast , so just a blur image :((

This My sister Everyone say we two look like twin But we are not!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Last , i reach my sweet sweet home .
Than borrow my brother Handphone take some pictures

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Than my dad and mom back home , they back from a friend wedding than my dad told me my mom are talkinq phones outside with my grandmother!About 30minute my brother say grandmother wanna talk to me ! She talk many 人生道理 to me , and talk bout my hubby .. she said that i still young , if wan couple think probely don do wronq thinq ! And Many secreat ): i cant told u guys T T

But is okey , thanks grandmother talk to me
And i wanan tell u that ,Me and my hubby will try our best
don somthinq to let all my family to see


We know that what we gonna to do , about me n hubby feuture
Just wanna tell my family say
I will prove all thing to you all , when the time is came

Hubby : We Work Hard toqether ♥♥

I Love You Ever Xiaoyee
Babes , is time to sleep now `` Stop Writing here , Niqht Friend

Introduce My 2 Little Doggie :

I am here to share about my 2 little doggie , say hi to them __ ;D
I like my doggie , when i'm bored i will find this two cutiee play with me
First , we bouqht the brown dog ! Than Second is the black dog
When we bouqht the black dog back , the brown dog was jealous
hahahaah when we call the brown dog , she act like don wan care us
However , now they 2 become good good friend ! Sleep Toqether , Eat Toqether ,Shit Toqether

I Love My Doggie

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Mr Yukki :

Hahaha , So funny when i call ur name
My hubby love my doggie so much , especially the brown wan
when my hubby come in my house , the brown dog must stick with my hubby
than my hubby play with her ! But now he need work , so less came my house already ..
But is okey , i will wait every free time out with my hubby
Last time i still remember he on facebook , than write a status , you all guess what he wrote ?

Mr Yukki : I Miss My Xiaoyee House Doggie !!

Arrr .. But is Okeyy batter than no MISS riqht ? ;pp

Later 5pm , need go to my small cousin Bdays party!!At here wish : Arron Happy Bdays
Later i will join ur Bdays Party , don worry ya ^^
The place at : PJ- A&W
Think back my childhood time , i very scare went to A&W because there had a Orange Colour Bear , that BEAR is to geli for me ! When i saw the bear , i will hug my dad tie tie , when the bear came near me .. i will CRY ! hahahaaha ;D
funny riqht ?

I Love You 小可爱

1 More hour i gonna to ready for party , so i will update later soon ..
to be continue .. Cousin Bdays Party : PJ-A&W

Thursday, October 21, 2010

To Lame ;D

Long time i dint update my bloq , when i opened back my bloq
feel like many thing to share out ;D
haahahs .. because i'm to lame !
This picture i draw in class today , you guys trust is it draw by myself ?
You are wronq babes ;D
is my art teacher helped me , if not her helped ! my picture is super deeper UGLY!

I Like It Actually
After School , have some argue again with my mom at car
haih !
why she just cant understand my feelings ?
I know when i was 15 , i do whatever i like dint care her feelings
but i am changed now !! why you always don't trust me ?!!
Than i Having a nice sweet MANGO

This MANGO cut by myself . look so UGLY aqain
hahahaha ;D

Just A silly and Lame Post here ;p

Missing You ♥ :

Baby Dear :
Sudenlly feel like writing about u ___ hiak hiak ;D
I Missing You Badly , You knows ?

I Upload Your old picture , especially the first wan
Long time dint listen dear play piano already , Miss that movement
now u are busying work work work .. until always sick , look thin already
hurt pain somtimes saw u like that ):

PROMISE me , must take good care ah ! know ?
inside my mind , all is ur memory .. happy , sad , cry , lauqh ...

Happy toqether with you , seriously
i wont break with u easily .. i'll promise

I wan hold his hands forever
I wan hug him forever
I want kiss him forever
I wan sek you forever
I wan everything of him forever

Lastly , I Miss You so much baby! (:

Dear : Don Forget I Wan A muhahaha


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thanks My Beloved :

Chen chen




Babe Lim




Firstly wanna thanks those babe whose are wish me on my bdays ___ 171010

wanna say thanks to ur guys .. I just upload some babes picture ``[sorry if i dint upload ur picture]``

Secondly wanna say thanks you guys , when i'm moody , sadly , complicated that timebabes u guys accompany me whole days throuqh sms or facebook ;Dhappy

Lastly : x100000000 Thanks Babes I will Love u alwayss ..

怀念童年和小可爱 ♥

Winne The Pooh

Hello Kitty

Sudenlly I Miss Those Cartoon So Much
It Was Cute ..
Lalalala ... ^^

心里想说的话 :


我只要过得有意义和开心 至于烦恼 统统地甩掉 有多远甩多远

2010年对我来说发生很多事 :

我的男人 :
我很开心我能遇见你 和你在一起在今年发生了很多事情 你都帮我安慰我 疼我 爱我 没有放弃过得帮我对不起之前对你发脾气 骂你 伤你 原谅我 希望我们的爱情能长久

我的家人 :
我的妈妈 虽然每次骂我 顶我在我心里你还是我妈 也是你生我下来你怎样恨我都好 我会放在心但不会恨你
我的爸爸 :
爸爸最疼我的一个家人当我不开心时 都会和爸爸说爸爸会讲道理 不像妈妈无理取闹我不会让爸爸你失望 相信我
我的哥哥 :
哥哥阿 当我有事要求那时第一个就是我哥哥拉 哈哈我哥哥没什么的 只是我每次打扰他而已希望我哥哥读书可以带4方帽 为我们家出个大学生

我的妹妹 :
在家最吵 最颠 是我们 希望你们能听家人话 别任性了

我的朋友 :
我的朋友有很多 但是能帮助我 了解我关心我 安慰我 的朋友不多我很疼我朋友的 希望你们别出卖我在我心里的好姐妹 好朋友 我心里有数其实我很开心认识你们 谢谢你们
等我长大了 我会报答你们的

Movie And Shopping Days ♥

★ ★ ★

I watched The Child's Eye with my classmate after finished school
It was quit scary actually , I used my friend jacket and closed my half face
hahahah 3D was fun ;D
After finished the movie's , me and friend have a walked at Mid Valley
I suprice was my friend go buy present to me
You guys think what is that .... ? It is a Hello Kitty Tissue Case and Handphone Case ♥
I like it so much , last thanks for Chai Yen and Hui teng ^^
Last wanted to says , next time wanna watch scary movies with my friends
hahahaha feel so funny and fun !! Tata ...